Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Perhaps the most utilized area in your home would be the floors, and as the time passes, these hardwood floors get scratched, lose their sheen, or look scuffed up. The situation can be easily rectified by refinishing hardwood flooring. Our professionals are experts when it comes to hardwood floor refinishing (Chicago, IL). 

When is it time for hardwood floor refinishing? 

When the floors get dirty and dilapidated, it not only looks unsightly, but it poses a problem while cleaning as well. But then again, you might not have to resort to complete hardwood floors refinishing. Conduct this small test: pour some water on the affected areas – it there is a formation of small beads, the polish can still protect the flooring, so a thorough cleaning with a wet cloth is sufficient. On the other hand, if it percolates into the floor and assumes a darker shade, then the damage has spread too far, which requires immediate hardwood floor refinishing (Chicago). 

Phases for hardwood flooring refinishing (Chicago): 

- First phase of refinishing a hardwood floor is used for cutting down the surface of wood floors with low grid sanding paper to make it flat and to remove existing varnish and stain and is called Raw-Cut. After that we use very fine grid sanding paper to make the wood smooth and flat and to prepare it for applications of stain and finish. 

- Second and third phases are the sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors. There are many standard stain colors from “Natural” to very dark “Ebony”. But we can also create unique shades for you by mixing some standard colors. 

- Third Phase is the Finishing process. There are 3 types of finish that are used in the flooring industry: Oil Based, Water Based and Solvent (acid-curing) Based. 

- The hardest and also the most toxic during drying time is Solvent Based hardwood flooring refinishing. It is a very fast drying and curing finish. It is usually used for commercial or sporting facilities’ floors because of its high VOC-content. 2-3 coats may be applied, but good results can be reached even with 2 coats. You must stay out of the house during the finishing process that takes a day. 

- Drying time for Water Based finish is also short, but its curing time is much longer than solvent finishes because the VOC-content is much lower. It is a very good hardwood floor refinish for residential floors, since it dries quickly and almost has no smell. It is softer then solvent but harder than oil-based finishes. 3 coats must be applied for good result. The finishing process usually takes 1- 2 days – you need to step out for that time. 

- Oil Base finish takes longer to dry than the water based one but the curing time is faster. The VOC-content is right in the middle between water based and solvent finishes. Even though it is softer than water based finish but has the same durability. The only downside of the Oil Based finish is the drying time – only one coat per day can be applied. 2-3 coats should be applied for desired results.  

The cost of refinishing hardwood floors will depend upon the damage. Once you get in touch with us, we arrive at your home to scrutinize the problem, and suggest a solution accordingly. If you notice any deteriorating signs, don’t waste time to give us a call without delay. 

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