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Tips to Select a Hardwood Floor


Hardwood is a frequently chosen material for flooring purposes. It emanates rich, deep hues and classic undertones to impart a charming and beautiful effect. Moreover, this type of floor is long-lasting, with a shelf life going up to decades. Just like wine, wood floors exude more character as they age! 

Want to install a hardwood floor? You should be aware of your options – here goes:

Board Width

Take your pick from narrow strips measuring less than 3 inches or planks that are above 3 inches. The former makes the surrounding space seem larger, while the latter gives off a bucolic aura. The combination of geometric shapes like rectangles and squares along with parquet squares are apt in formal settings.

Wood Species

For hardwood floors repair or installation, you need to have updated information regarding different hardwood species and parameters like grain patterns and color tones. Durability plays a crucial role as well. Domestic varieties well-known for their hardness comprise Maple, American Cherry, and Red & White Oak while exotic woods such as Mahogany, Tigerwood, and Brazilian Cherry have marvelous aesthetic appeal.

Color and Texture

Colors of hardwoods vary within the range of blond to black – the shades, tones, and tints. How do they differ? It all comes down to the type of species and finish being used. The texture should be decided before the work to install a hardwood floor begins. You can get wood that looks brand new and has a gleaming appearance, or opt for flooring with an antiquated finish to impart a vintage look. Distressed and hand-scraped hardwoods are available for camouflaging wear in the years to come.


If you have kids and pets at home, it is advisable to go for the hardest species you can afford such as red oak with a natural capacity for withstanding heavy traffic, nicks, scratches, food spills, staining etc. Pine wood looks fantastic, but gets scratched easily. So weigh the pros & cons before making up your mind. Solid and engineered hardwood varieties also come into the equation based on variables like installation method, location, and subfloor.


Is your home undergoing hardwood floor refinish? Or the floor is being finished for the very first time? The primary function of a “finish” is to form a protective shield over the surface, while permeating color and shine. For example, commercially purchased hardwood is usually prefinished, so it just required installation, after which, issues like waiting time, chemical fumes, and dust are quickly resolved. Factory-applied varieties have better longevity and durability as compared to site-applied finishes.

Have questions regarding a hardwood floor? Want more information regarding how to sand and refinish hardwood floor? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop off an email. We are always happy to help and will get back to you ASAP!

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