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Know all about Staircase Materials and Design


Stairs installation is a crucial aspect in every house, because floor and stairs receive heavy traffic most of the time. The materials used for staircases should be sturdy, robust, and long-lasting. The same condition is applicable when you hire someone to refinish stairs.   

Materials used for construction and repair   

Here are some commonly used materials for both stairs installation and refinish purposes:   


A naturally sourced material, it allows experimentation in terms of color and grain variation, which can be used for different types of features on staircases that are beautiful and durable. A wide range of options are available for timber variations that you will be spoilt for choice. 


Glass imparts a sleek and contemporary structure. It works splendidly if you want the surrounding light to get reflected properly and be used to highlight the wonderful design. Incorporating glass also creates the illusion of making the space appear bigger. Tinted or colored glass looks exquisite if you can match it with the overall theme and décor. 


This is also used for imparting modern touches during a project involving stair refinish. There are 2 kinds of steel for this purpose – mild and stainless. The former has low carbon content, and can be easily molded into the desired style and design, while the latter prevents staining and rust buildups and hardly needs maintenance. Use steel on handrails or the entire surface area of the stairs – the clean frame creates a dynamic silhouette. 

Popularly used staircase designs   

Although there are hundreds of designs, we have compiled a few for you to check out:   

- Spiral – As is evident from the name, the staircase forms a spiral, loop-like structure, which are set against a standard wood backdrop, but made more visually appealing by using a set of fine-grain textures that impart an enigmatic contrast. 

- Timber Stripes – Beautiful, multi-colored stripes adorn the underside of the staircase, which is made of laminated timber. 

- Loft – This design is also a space saver in smaller areas, while offering robust structure, comfort, and adequate functionality. 

- Staircase & Slide – If you have children at home, this design will be a huge hit, as it combines a regular staircase and slide. Your kids will climb up and slide down all day long! 

- Bookcase Style – Are you fond of reading books but have limited space for bookshelves? No problem! We will install shelves and stair treads to create a smartly designed and practical library staircase.  

Regardless of what your preferences are, we will get the job done so won’t be any scope for complaint. For further details, please get in touch with us at The Flooring Ninja, via phone or email.

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